Trailblazers have started to blaze!

Sufiya Ahmed debuting her teenage novel Secrets of the Henna Girl, Tuesday 13th March, 1pm, Whalley Range High School.
Just like a Phoenix bird, when the ashes of one event start to cinder, another arises. On Tuesday 13th March, MCBF, in association with Manchester City Libraries and Puffin Books, will be holding the doors to Whalley Range High School wide open for the writer Sufiya Ahmed and her new teenage novel.
Secrets of the Henna Girl follows the story of a 16 year old girl, Zeba. With the summer stretch ahead of her, what she thinks will be a time for relaxing and having fun with friends may well turn into a threat on her future. Control, honour and secrets take Zeba’s life on an adventure from Yorkshire to Pakistan. Will she escape the clutches of a patriarchal family? More importantly, will we learn the secret she has kept hidden?
Sufiya will provide a deeper look into the key characters in her novel, explaining their cultural context, identity and the issues surrounding forced teenage marriages. There will be a reading from the author, Qs and As and a dress up for those who wish to see themselves in some traditional Asian bridal wear. 
Oh, and don’t forget the book signing. 
Other schools or Home Educated teenagers wishing to attend this event should contact for details.
You can find out more from Sufiya here on her blog or follow her on twitter; @sufiyaahmed



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