Chorlton’s Big Green Festival 2012

Photograph: Tom Jameson

It’s so quick how events like this come around. Believing I had attended the festival two years ago, it had really only been a year. Chorlton’s Big Green Festival is a great, fun, all day attraction for the local Chroltonites and sympathisers beyond. 

MCBF managed to infiltrate this year’s event to raffle off some of the Festival’s sought after tickets; two for Dark Materials author, Phillip Pullman, and two for the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. Carol Thompson, from TAG! pass it on did excellent work with sending her eager troops out, including volunteer raffle warrior Richard Frost, for a healthy competition of ticket selling. 


Before the contaminating beats of some rocking bands began to play for the second half of the day, the winners were announced. Phillip Pullman’s crowd will include lucky Robert Woolfe and Ryan Baker, and Cathy Rushford claimed both tickets to see Carol Ann Duffy read some of her excellent poetry.  

A fun day with an easy way to get your hands on Festival tickets. Keep an eye out on here for more news on further raffles and giveaways!


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