Illustrating & Creating

Emma Reynolds Illustrates, Saturday 30th June, Geoffrey Manton Building
Grab a friend, family member, Festival volunteer or a fellow book fanatic for a fun afternoon of character creation! Come and play ‘Picture Consequences’ with two or more people (or just have a draw if you fancy!) and create a unique selection of original characters. 

Each person starts by drawing the head, then folds the drawing over and passes it along to the next person to draw the body, and again for the legs, and lastly the feet. The best part is unfolding it at the end and looking at the hilarious results and combinations that have been made. It’s a great way to loosen you up, have some fun, and inspire you with your own characters, creativity and stories.
Emma is a freelance illustrator from Manchester, with a passion for narrative story telling, creating characters and producing original and whimsical illustrations. She will be on hand throughout the Family Fun Day running the workshop, and will also be live tweeting and blogging about the event from dawn till dusk. Emma is also going to be writing blog posts on various other events throughout the festival, including the Waterstone’s Deansgate Children’s Party, so keep an eye out for her posts here on the official MCBF Blog.
You can follow Emma on her personal blog at Emma Illustruation, on twitter @emmaillustrate and on Facebook. If you want more, you can visit her website too, here.

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