MCBF Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day, Saturday 30th June, 10am – 4pm Geoffrey Manton Building
Words and Photographs by Hawnaz Karger



On the 30thof June 2012 the Manchester Children’s Book Festival kicked-off with a Family Fun Day.


As expected, lots of people turned up to sample the fun activities on offer. Children listen to stories in the story telling tent, getting involved in craft activities and are even hanging out with a camel and a donkey who are milling about – I’m not sure who invited them!!
One of the events looks at zombies in horror fiction and how diseases are spread. Students from Stockport College who study make up for film and theatre, turn us into zombies for the day. The girls have done an amazing job! The make up looks very convincing – a little TOO convincing in fact -we hope we don’t give too many kids nightmares!
In the zombie workshop the kids get to be microbiologists analysing how a zombie outbreak could spread around a community. There is even an outbreak of zombie disease in the lab!
Finishing the workshop, we are asked to fill in little notes about what we’ve learnt and then stick them on a zombie on the wall. The main thing we all learnt is that if you see a zombie approaching, RUN!
Hawnaz Karger is a Sixth Form student at Manchester Academy.

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