Musical in a Day

Ian McMillan and Luke Carver Goss conjure up an entirely new script with students, Wednesday 4th July, 1-3pm, St Richard’s R.C. Primary School, Levenshulme
We were excited to welcome Ian and Luke into Class 8. 
They were hilarious and very energetic. 
Ian talked extremely quickly and had a spectacular, creative imagination. Luke impressed us all with his remarkable accordion skills and the way he made up tunes on the spot was incredible. 
We enjoyed creating our own characters and actions for the Moore family, as well as combining ideas to create our own songs. We laughed all afternoon, especially when Ian joked about the door and the brainless year 2s. 
Finally, we loved performing our ‘Flipchart and Squeezebox’ musical show to the younger children. We had a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Ian and Luke!
Class 8, St Richard’s R.C. Primary School.
P.s. Please visit us again!

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