Praise The Pictures

Picture Consequences, 30th June, 10 – 4pm, MMU Geoffrey Manton Building

Words and Photographs by Emma Reynolds

On Saturday the 30th of June at the MCBF Family Fun Day, I ran a Picture Consequences workshop where people came along and made their own unique characters. For those who have not played before, two or more people each start by drawing the head. Next, everyone folds their drawing over and passes it along to the next person to draw the body, and again  for the legs, and lastly the feet. The best part is unfolding it at the end and watching your unique combinations come to life as a character!


‘Burger King’ has to the be my favourite character created from the day. He has cheese slices for ears, a pickle mouth, a veggie burger orb and chips for legs! Best thing ever; he made me laugh so much.
I had an absolutely fantastic day running the workshop, it was truly inspiring to see what the kids (and adults!) came up with, and I met some lovely new people too. The feedback’s been great and I’m really happy that everyone had so much fun creating their brilliant, wacky and completely hilarious characters. Thank you so much to all who came, there was laughter and smiles all day – I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Emma is a freelance illustrator from Manchester, with a passion for narrative story telling, creating characters and producing original and whimsical illustrations. She is currently working on her book Reynard the Detective. You can follow Emma on her blog at Emma Reynolds Illustruation, on twitter @emmaillustrate and on Facebook. And to see her portfolio you can visit her website too, here.

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