Reviews From Students

Here are some reviews of our MCBF events from of the younger attendees.
Author Chris Connaughton’s visit:
‘I thought he was very funny and helpful because he inspired me to do more writing.’ – Molly, Year 4
‘He was really funny and encouraging to write stories and his story was great.’ – Alex-Anne Year 4
‘I thought he was excellent because his imaginary story really stood out.’ – Ethan Year 4
‘His story was good because it had all different characters in it.’ – Nikita Year 3
‘He was a great storyteller and a nice loud voice.’ – Lauren Year 3
Andy Cope –The Art of Being Brilliant.
Photo from BBC website
‘It was awesome, as he told us lots of top tips and brain teasers.’ – Lewis, Year 6
‘I thought he was very enthusiastic and made you want to join in.’ – Fozia, Year 6
Read more on Andy Cope and The Art of Being Brilliant here
Poet Kate Fox
photo from
‘The trip was awesome and I loved saying the catchy poem.’ – Amisha and Deaven, Year 5.
Read more on Kate Fox and her ‘The Starting Line’ event here

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