Spread The Word (and your books)

1000 Books!

We aim to kickstart a library at The Regional Model School in the Volta Region of Ghana through a book drive. The addition of this library will support the children of this school to not only develop a love for books, but also give them an opportunity to develop their reading skills for their other studies. So we are looking for any books suitable for young children and teenagers; these can be non-fiction or fiction of any genre. Within a 10 mile radius of Manchester City Centre pickups will be arranged for 20+ books.

The Regional Model School aims to provide a learning environment that will see the students into Senior Secondary School and University. As the school is FREE, its ambition is to give education to pupils from all backgrounds. With a school of 800 pupils aged between 5 & 18 years, this is highly ambitious! It aspires to become the best school in the region presenting a model of best practice for the other schools in the area, and by developing their own school library through this book drive, we hope to help make this come true.                   

KickstartGhana is a UK registered charity that has been working with the school to implement improvements. Volunteer teachers have been recruited and renovations have already been made to the school. This included investing in waterproof windows and repainting the entire building.

We shall be collecting second hand books that will be put to good use within this school and this is where your help is needed.

Get involved and donate your books today!

Further information can be found at our Facebook page

Or contact us directly by email 


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