Poetry of Art Winners

Just before the summer break, pupils across Manchester were invited to produce a piece of artwork in response to poems by Carol Ann Duffy, Mandy Coe, Grace Nicholls, John Agard and Philip Gross. All of their work was displayed during our Family Fun Day and was also discussed by the poets at the Carol Ann Duffy and Friends show on July 5th. They were all extremely impressed by the creativity and originality displayed by the pupils and found it very difficult indeed to choose the winners. Finally, after a lot of consideration and debate, here are the winners and runners up…
Josh Dewhurst, Stockport High School
Using a limited range of soft tones, this artist skilfully juxtaposes scale to surprise and force us to look and look again. It is a subtle celebration of the movement of mood: falling, rising and stillness. This picture is a poem in itself!
Mariam Ahmed, Olivia Caroll and Asmara Ansari, Levenshulme High School
This collaborative-work is a joyful compilation of artistic responses to a piece of text: montage, small illustrated scenes, symbols, colour, texture. You could close your eyes and touch this picture, and know it was about contradiction, emotion… being human! What a fun response to a poem.
Jade Meechan, Stockport High School
This artist understands composition crucial for posters and book covers, but more importantly, Jade harnesses the dynamics that makes this illustration work. By understanding the boundaries of ‘edge’, Jade moves the viewer beyond them – and the resulting narrative makes us want to know what happened and what happens next?
Highly Commended
Nathan Drumm, Stockport High School
A well-crafted image that captures stillness. It’s skilful use of limited tone reflects the poem beautifully.
Highly Commended
Aiden Buck, Stockport High School
This surreal montage of images uses movement and a clever contrast of the ordinary and extraordinary. It is rich with colour and has a dry humour that shines through. This artist has chosen quite a literal take on the text, but done it with such a strong sense of personality, that it responds to creation with creation: an invaluable skill in illustration.
Congratulations to all the children who entered and particularly to the winners and those who received a Special Commendation. All of the winners and runners up will receive certificates to recognise their hard work and effort.

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