Postcards from the Past – From Vinci to Leonardo


5th December 1512
Dear Thomas,
A time-traveller from the 21st century has visited to tell me of the marvels of the age you live in. I am so excited to know that my ideas about flying machines really do work and are used by quite ordinary people. He also told me about the Olympic Games in London and described to me the engineering you did to make a cauldron for the Olympic Flame. Indeed, he carried a little device full of moving pictures which showed me what you had made. I just wanted to let you know how much I admired it. It is a thing both beautiful and functional. You don’t need any advice from me but I’m an old man of sixty now and have learned a thing or two about inventions so I’m going to give you some –  Always finish what you start. I didn’t always do that and I regret it now. Good luck!
Your friend,

Mary Hoffman was born in Hampshire and studied English Literature at Cambridge University. She has been a freelance, self-employed professional writer and journalist since the mid-90s. She was nominated for the post of Children’s Laureate, 2011–2013. In total, she has written over 90 books, and now concentrates on longer books for teens, including the Stravaganza series and a new thread of historical novels.

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