Summer Reading!

                                                         Helping us launch
The Summer Reading Challenge in Manchester this year is award winning children’s horror author
David Gatward
Your school, with classes Year 5 & 6, are invited to Moss Side Powerhouse on Mon 8th July from 10.30 – 12noon.
Dave will do his inspiring and humorous talk about what it is like being a children’s author and signing books afterwards. There will also be information about the Summer Reading Challenge and how the children can join to win prizes for reading over the summer holidays.
Spaces are limited so if you would like to bring a class along,
for FREE, to this fabulous event please get in touch with
Debra Conroy on 07951053485






David Gatward spent a considerable part of his life confusing not just himself, but those around him. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years wondering what it would be like to be any one of the following (in no particular order): actor; musician; carpenter; army officer; writer; helicopter pilot, and highwayman. Writing took over, thanks to a couple of ghost-writing contracts and, quite to his own surprise, a book deal to write The Dead. The rest, as they say, is history…

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