Curtis Jobling continues the Reading and Writing Relay trailblazer!


Curtis Jobling continued the Manchester Children’s Book Festival Reading and Writing Relay today by visiting The King’s School in Macclesfield.
Curtis spoke to an audience of 70 pupils about his new book Haunt and his bestselling series Wereworld.
Curtis then led an inspiring Q+A session, as Curtis explained his ability to tell a story arose from playing with his friends as a child. He also went on to encourage any budding writers to enter the Comic Smart competition – judged by Curtis himself.
Olivia Walwyn, the school librarian, said, “It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to hear from such a talented writer and illustrator and to share his enthusiasm for reading and writing”.
The pupils of The King’s School thought the event was excellent, Ben Sneddon said that “It was very funny and entertaining” while Agnes Homer said “It was all good. It makes me want to read all the books!”
After Curtis performed extracts from his books, many of the children bought copies from the Werewold series and Haunt for him to sign – and the teachers even received signed Bob the Builder and Raa Raa the Noisy Lionposters for the school library.

All in all Curtis went down a storm and we can’t wait for the rest of his tour of Greater Manchester Schools.
If you would like to enter the Comic Strip competition, please click here to download an application form and a storyboard. Entries will be judged by Curtis and the winner will receive a professionally designed framed print of their Comic Strip.

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