Budding scribblers, doodlers and writers! Magnifying glasses at the ready for Kate Pankhurst Monday 30th June! Sneak peak…


Monday, 30th June, 6pm, Waterstone’s Deansgate

Magnifying glasses at the ready everyone! Mariella Mystery is on her way to Manchester and she wants you to join her for a fun packed evening of storytelling and super sleuthing!

To be more precise, Mariella’s creator, author and illustrator Kate Pankhurst, is planning a very special visit to the Manchester Children’s Book Festival later this month.

She’ll read from her hugely successful books in what promises to be a lively event at Waterstones, Deansgate, investigating The Curse of the Pampered Poodle of Puddleford and designing your very own crazed poodle characters!

Kate regularly runs creative workshops for children which aim to “inspire ideas and enthusiasm for reading, writing and drawing”, so this is one not to miss for budding scribblers and/or doodlers!

Published in April 2013, The Ghostly Guinea Pig and A Cupcake Conundrum marked not only the first appearance of ‘totally amazing girl detective’ Mariella (aged 9 and a bit) and her trusty Mystery Girls, but also Kate’s debut as an author in her own right. Having spent ten years as an illustrator, working alongside such big names as Julia Jarman (A Friend in Need, Make Friends Break Friends) and Danny Baker Record Breaker author, Steve Hartley, Kate decided to go it alone with the Mariella Mysterybooks, which went on to receive glowing reviews for their “wonderfully quirky drawings” and “great way of engaging less confident readers.”
The series continues to go from strength to strength, with the fifth adventure, The Spaghetti Yeti, due for release in August.
You don’t have to be a detective to work out this will be a fantastic event. Book your tickets heretoday!

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