Smelly aliens, UFOs, dinosaurs, mummies, secret agents, cows …. Of course, it can only be Steve Cole



 UFOs, dinosaurs, mummies, secret agents, cows ….
You name it, Steve Cole probably has it covered. Now the author of modern day children’s favourites such as Astrosaurs and Cows in Action is returning to Manchester Children’s Book Festival 2014 to deliver one of his trademark crazy and energetic performances – reading from his latest books, before signing copies for fans. Having previously had MCBF audiences in hysterics, highly prolific writer Steve will lay down his pen long enough to return this year, armed with two new wacky works with which to wow the crowds: Aliens Stink! and Secret Agent Mummy.
Steve describes himself as a “slightly crazy, highly frantic … non-stop author” and it is clearly a winning formula, his children’s books having sold millions of copies worldwide.
Whovians’ (you know who you are) will be delighted to know that Steve has previously written several original Doctor Whostories. Whilst fans of 007 (Bondians?) will be similarly excited to learn that Steve took over from Charlie Higson this year as the official author of the highly successful Young Bondseries of books. His first instalment will “launch with a bang” in the autumn.


Having been an editor of books and magazines in a previous incarnation, Steve now says he prefers the life of a writer because “you can wear pyjamas and eat chocolate all day.”
Be sure not to miss what promises to be a highly entertaining event. Steve Cole will be appearing on Wednesday 2ndJuly. Tickets can be booked here.

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