Festival Sea Monkeys get Intu Trafford Centre

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival team opened shop at Intu Trafford Centre on Sunday 22nd June, to bring Oliver and the Seawigs themed arts and crafts to children and their families.
The Festival Sea Monkeys, Frankie and Charlie, also came along for the ride, and went on a few adventures around the shopping centre.
Frankie and Charlie began their day by doing a little bit of shopping around the centre. They headed to the Disney store first; where the staff helped the Sea Monkeys pick out some toys.
They also bought a few books from Waterstones Trafford, including novels by Liz Kessler, Michael Morpurgo, and even picked up Cathy Cassidy’s latest release Sweet Honey.
Then the cheeky Sea Monkeys decided to go on a bit of a toy-buying splurge, and had lots of fun in the Selfridges toy department, and at Hamleys Toys, as well as making their own custom bears at the Build-A-Bear Workshop.


At this point, the Sea Monkeys were struggling with their very heavy bags of shopping, so Charlie suggested they take a ride in the Little Tikes cars the centre provides. They raced through the centre to the bandstand to drop their shopping off with the Festival team, and grab a spot of lunch in the Orient. They were very excited to see all of the wonderful Sea Monkey drawings and masks the children had made, but didn’t have time to stick around for long. It was time to go play Laser Quest.
After a competitive game of Laser Quest, Frankie and Charlie decided to have a spot of adventure golf at Paradise Island. They thought the atmosphere was fantastic and it was the perfect place to play hide and seek.
Frankie and Charlie ended their busy day by retiring to the Odeon IMAX cinema to catch the latest cinema release, The Fault in Our Stars, a film adaptation of John Green’s teen novel under the same title. They met up with their friend Alex, grabbed popcorn and juice, and picked out the perfect seats in the cinema to watch the much-anticipated film of the season.
Meanwhile, the Manchester Children’s Book Festival’s arts and crafts were a raving success! Children were particularly eager to make their own Seawigs for the Seawigs Parade at the Festival Family Fun Day on Saturday 28th June, where Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre, creators of Oliver and the Seawigs, will be leading the Parade. Children could be seen wandering the malls wearing their creations with pride, and parents sent us photos of their kids throughout the day, which were posted to the Festival Twitter feed to be retweeted by Philip and Sarah.



Everyone had a fantastic day out, getting families involved with the Festival. All of the staff at Intu Trafford Centre were amazing, and we would like to say a special thanks to everyone at Intu Trafford Centre, as well as all the staff at the following stores: Selfridges, Disney, Odeon, Hamleys Toys, Laser Quest, Paradise Island, The Bear Factory and Waterstones Trafford.

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