Diary of a Sea Monkey: Uncle Diogo’s First Day

Lucky old Uncle Diogo! He got to spend the opening day of Manchester Children’s Book Festival whizzing around all of the fantastic Multicultural Manchester events on offer. Here he tells us all about his busy day.
“Phewee! What a day! Where to begin? Well, I started off by having a ukulele lesson. Did you know ukulele means ‘jumping flea’ in Hawaiian? Anyway, the tutor David was absolutely brilliant. He quickly tuned up my ‘uke and we were away. Some school children and I learned how to play the Bob Marley song Buffalo Soldier. It was really difficult at first, especially with my soft, wooly fingers, but we were soon jammin’ away.


Then, suddenly, we heard some very loud drumming coming from along the corridor. I quickly raced off to find out what all the commotion was about and found a room full of kids playing the djembe drums! Djembe drums originated in Africa and, being from Madagascar myself, that’s kind of my neck of the woods. Well, not really, but I just REALLY wanted to have a go. I didn’t need an excuse though. The teacher, Ian, passed me a djembe and asked me to join in.  What a rythym!
After my musical morning it was time to have a rest with a brew and a biscuit. We all headed downstairs where there was tea and cake. Best of all, The Golden Choir, a group of children from local school, Heald Place, sang some really beautiful songs while everyone enjoyed their lunch.
Afterwards, I joined the children for a Chinese paper folding (I think it’s called ‘oregano’ or something) class where we made fantastic jumping paper frogs! Not only that but we learned the Chinese names for colours and played a really fun game with chopsticks. So, from jumping fleas to jumping frogs it was such a great day. I can’t wait for the rest of the festival now. Come down and join in the fun with me and the rest of the sea monkeys!”
Keep an eye on the Manchester Children’s Book Festival Twitter @mcbf2014 to see what Diogo will be enjoying during today’s activities as Multicultural Manchester continues. There’s sure to be more tall tales and adventures as Mother Tongue, Other Tongue takes centre stage with some very special workshops and events. This evening will also see the official festival Opening Event which will be hosted by Poet Laureate, and Creative Director of Manchester Children’s Book Festival, Carol Ann Duffy.
– NH

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