Celebrate in style for less with our Festival Weekend Bundles!

It’s a weekend bundle bonanza!

This weekend, the Manchester Children’s Book Festival team are giving you a very special opportunity to get more for your money with our Weekend Bundles, which offer great discounts on events, and are perfect for the person who just can’t decide what to go and see.

Spend the day in style with our first Afternoon Tea Bundle, which will give you the opportunity to get 10% off of any ten tickets which you purchase. This is perfect for people who are looking to make a holiday out of the Children’s Book Festival. If 10 events just seems like too many, never fear, because you can take advantage of our second Afternoon Tea Bundle. With this, you can save 5% on any six tickets that you buy, and is perfect for the family who wants to see all the festival has to offer.

So you can see both Cathy Cassidy and Carol Ann Duffy for afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel on Saturday, and the McDonald Townhouse, with a 10% or 5% discount.

However, if our Afternoon Tea Bundles don’t take your fancy, feel free to take advantage of our Weekend Bundle. With this, you can save 10% on four tickets, making it perfect for people seeking the perfect book-lovers holiday in the city.

So you can see Cathy Cassidy, Michael Morpurgo and Darren Shan all on Saturday, and then Tom Palmer at either the Imperial War Museum or the National Football Museum and round the weekend off with an afternoon tea with Carol Ann Duffy! All at 10% discount!

If that wasn’t enough reason to bring yourself down to the Festival, we’ll also give you “silver” or “gold” membership to the festival depending on the bundle you buy, which will give you exclusive access to various events taking place at the festival.

Our sea monkeys are putting together their weekend bundles as we speak!

With that mind, let us worry about the difficult stuff and enjoy the events. We look forward to seeing all of you over the next few days!

For more information about our bundles you can contact the box office on 0843 208 0500 or visit the website here


The Manchester Children’s Book Festival Team

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