Fun and Fearsome Monsters at John Rylands Library and The National Football Museum

This morning, the tables were turned at The National Football Museum as fans were given their chance to be on the pitch. As part of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival, children were given the opportunity to experience the museum and to take part in various challenges. The most popular of these was the Football+ Penalty Challenge, which gave players the chance to test their accuracy skills by giving points for the kicks which were mostly likely to score a goal.

But the Football+ Penalty Challenge wasn’t the only thing to see. The museum boasts an incredibly large collection of football memorabilia and interactive displays which were very dazzling and intriguing. Throughout the morning’s event, there was a sense of excitement and it was a huge success. 

After getting a flavour for the events which were going on at the National Football Museum, I headed over to the John Rylands Library for the morning’s Toddler Tales session. The event took the audience on an imaginative journey through mysterious caves and marshlands and included wonderful animals such as wolves and bears. The presenters of Toddler Tales actively encouraged the children to engage with the stories, getting them to memorise words and actions which went with the story. 

The children were also taken on a journey of their own, exploring the nooks and crannies of the old library in search of dragon sculptures painted on the walls. Dragons were a running theme throughout the event. Whenever they were seen, the audience were encouraged to roar as loud as they could, which provided an extra level of entertainment. After the stories and the exploration of the library, the children were encouraged to get creative when they were given their very own dragons to draw and decorate as they wanted, with the funniest being given a round of applause.

The fun and games really began towards the end of the event when the children were encouraged to get up and dance and sing along with a rendition of ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ which went down very well – the noise from the audience nearly brought the house down!

 Today, the Manchester Children’s Book Festival’s popular streak continued and both events were very well-received by children and teachers alike. But the fun won’t stop here: there are plenty more exciting events coming up in the future!



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