Introducing Compton Valance!

Compton Valance



Introducing Compton Valance, our sandwich-eating, time-travelling best friend! This year Compton and his friends will be sharing their adventures so you can see what they get up to and what goes on behind the scenes of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival.
This year’s festival will run from June 26th to July 5th and will be headlined by Matt Brown, author of the Compton Valance series and hugely popular presenter on Nickelodeon UK.
Matt, along with Compton Valance illustrator Lizzie Finlay, will be appearing at the Festival Family Fun Day on Saturday, June 27th, as well as hosting an exclusive event at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and taking part in a very special author event.
Keep an eye out for Compton and his posts and see how all of the fun comes together! To share your own adventures visit the Manchester Children’s Book Festival International Reading and Writing Relay.

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