Compton Valance visits MMU’s (potentially time-travelling) mouldy sandwiches!

Yesterday Compton Valance visited the Microbiology and Food Technology academics at their lab at Manchester Metropolitan University to take a peek at the progress of the mouldy sandwiches.
Compton Valance and the mouldy sandwich.
Jo Verran, Paul Benson and Devin Louttit have been putting Matt Brown’s time-travelling sandwich theory to the test, incubating two sandwiches, a cheese and pickled egg sandwich and a plain cheese sandwich.
Jo Verran, Paul Benson and Devin Louttit with Compton Valance .
The three-week-old sandwiches are being kept in sandwich boxes in the microbiology lab, and the team are watching and photographing them to see what happens.
The plain cheese sandwich (below on the right) was looking much worse for wear than the cheese and pickled egg sandwich! Jo explained that this was because the pickled egg had slowed down the three-week mould growth.
Three-week-old (potentially time-travelling) mouldy sandwiches.
Compton decided to catch up with his microbiology reading as Devin Louttit photographed the sandwiches for a very special time-lapse film.
Compton proving he really is a fun-gi!
Then Jo took the opportunity to show Compton other mouldy delights, which will also be on display at the Festival Family Fun Day.
Jo Verran explaining mould to a captivated Compton.
Unfortunately, the lab didn’t have a Compton-sized lab coat for him to wear this time but the festival team are on the case so he will have one for the next time he visits!
Compton was delighted with the marvellously-mouldy sandwiches but there’s still another 10 weeks left! The big sandwich reveal will take place at the Family Fun Day on Saturday 27th June at MMU, where families can come along to view the time-lapse film and make their own ‘mouldy’ sandwiches.
Keep an eye out on the Manchester Children’s Book Festival Twitter @MCBFestival to see what else Compton Valance gets up to in the run up to the festival.



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