Compton Valance’s Manchester Museum Adventure!

Compton Valance and William.

Compton Valance travelled back in time this week visiting the Manchester Museum for his latest MCBF adventure! He was joined by a new friend, William, for a fun-filled afternoon of enormous elephants, Easter Island heads and dinosaurs – with thankfully no custard cream incidents in sight!

Compton Valance, William and Stan the T.rex.

Compton and William had a close encounter with Stan the HUGE T.rex in the Earth Sciences collection. They spoke to the friendly museum staff who told them Stan got his name from the amateur paleontologist, Stan Sacrison, who discovered him in 1992.

Then they visited the Making Monuments Rapa Nui exhibition. Here Compton and William learnt the impressive stone statues were made by the islanders on Rapa Nui (known as Easter Island) between AD 1100 and 1600. The Easter Island statue on display was called Moai Hava and it weighs a massive 3.3 tonnes and is 1.56 meters tall!

Making Monuments on Rapa Nui: The Statues from Easter Island.
Then Compton asked William to take a quick snap of him sitting next to Maharajah, the enormous Asian Elephant. They couldn’t believe how huge he was and William struggled to get them both in the picture! They found out that Maharajah was once in the travelling circus and when he left, walked with his keeper all the way from Edinburgh to his new home at Belle Vue Zoo.

Compton Valance and Maharajah the Asian Elephant.
Compton and William finished off their adventure by sharing a cheese-and-pickled-egg sandwich, carrot sticks and chocolate ice-cream.

William and Compton Valance sharing lunch.
Look out for the Manchester Museum stall at the Festival Family Fun Day on Saturday 27th June, where Compton Valance author Matt Brown and illustrator Lizzie Finlay will be appearing.

Keep an eye on the Manchester Children’s Book Festival Twitter @MCBFestival to see what else Compton Valance gets up to in the run up to the festival.


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