Compton Valance Visits Urmston Bookshop Ahead of MCBF Children’s Poetry Weekend

Compton Valance and Frances at Urmston Bookshop.
Compton Valance visited our friends Frances and Peter at Urmston Bookshop this weekend ahead of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival children’s poetry weekend. Compton has been getting very excited about children’s poetry in the run up to the festival and was happy to discover Let in the Stars on their bookshelf.
Let in the Stars
Compton posed for a snapshot with Frances, who is looking forward to welcoming visitors on Saturday 4th July for MCBF Children’s Poetry Weekend: Let in the Stars…  of Children’s Poetry.
Children from local schools have been voting on their favourite poems, illustrating them and being inspired to write new ones. To take part you can drop into the shop to view our Let in the Stars exhibition and to tell us what your favourite poem is. Poet Mandy Coe will be there from 11am – 12pm for a very special event to celebrate the new and adopted poetry.

Now, Compton wants you to take up our challenge, honour the poetry that inspired you to read and write as a child, and help us to let in the stars of children’s poetry. To get involved you can:

Compton Valance
Adopt a Poem: In your school or work place, or at home, choose a poem and start the day by reading it together. If you’re in a class or group, ask everyone to choose a poem of their own, too.

Share a Poem: Set up your own events and read poetry for children out loud. You can perform your own poems or some by your favourite writers. We can send you some bookmarks and posters to help you advertise your event and get started – just get in touch at and let us know what you’re planning.

Create a Poem: If you’ve been inspired by poetry that you’ve read or that you remember, why not use that as inspiration to write your own? You can start from scratch with your own ideas or use the opening line of your favourite poem, or a new one that someone has shared with you, as a starting point.

Post a Poem: Let us know what you’ve adopted, shared or created by sending us photos and videos and writing about it on our Reading and Writing Relay blog, posting on our Facebook group or Tweeting @MCBFestival.

This project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

More information on the Let In The Stars project is available here.


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