The Long Arm of the Launch – TV Stars Sam and Mark Extend Their Reach at MCBF 2015!


It isn’t a wind up! – Sam and Mark will be appearing at this year’s Manchester Children’s Book Festival
This year’s Manchester Children’s Book Festival promises more laughs than you can shake a very, very long arm at! Which is just as well because, very soon, MCBF 2015 will be welcoming the hilarious and much loved CBBC presenters, Sam and Mark, as they launch their first book, The Adventures of Long Arm.

Released by Scholastic this month, the book tells the story of Ricky Mitre – a boy who gets the blame for everything. When his teacher’s curried egg sandwiches go missing, Ricky is given the worse punishment ever – cleaning the staff toilet! Donning protective gear, our hero gets to work. However, something very odd happens – Ricky’s arm gets sucked into the U-bend and when he takes it out again, it is many times its normal length! Suddenly, the superhero ‘Long Arm’ is born!

Sandwiches! Superheroes! U-Bends! What more could we ask for?!

At this very special event, fans of Sam And Mark will be able to meet the TV duo and enjoy a fun-packed afternoon hearing all about Long Arm’s adventures and more. The Children’s Bafta Award winning presenters of ‘Sam and Mark’s Big Friday Wind Up’ will be appearing at MCBF 2015 from 2pm, on Wednesday 1st July, where they will be reading from and signing copies of The Adventures of Long Arm.

Tickets for this event are on sale now, so reach out and grab them while you can by clicking here!

The full MCBF 2015 brochure is now available for download online. To browse the full range of fantastic events click here.

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