SCBWI Presents Mariella Mystery Author Kate Pankhurst For A Morning of Literary Inspiration

As a part of the festival’s Family Fun Day our friends at the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators shared a morning of animated reading and engaging drawing with illustrator and author of the Mariella Mystery series Kate Pankhurst.
“The thing I love about books is that they can take you on journeys to places you’ve never been,” said Kate.

Kate delighted a room full of children with tips on creating stories and said,
“Doodling is a fantastic way to come up with new stories,” when asked about her inspiration, “All the ideas I put in my books come from things that happened when I was younger or in everyday life.”
She then presented a slide of her as a child with her younger brother who she cited as inspiration for Mariella’s own annoying brother Arthur.

Kate gave a number of energetic readings from her novels and involved the children through dressing up and sharing new ideas for things that could feature in a totally funny and mysterious detective story. There were huge, bright prink wigs, very tiny magnifying glasses, and lots of creative suggestions for new spy gadgets that Mariella could use.
When teaching the children the steps of how she draws Mariella, Kate told the children that if you make a mistake when drawing it doesn’t ruin your picture but simply adds to its style and character. Her own style, she said, developed from reading Beano magazines and creating her own comics as a child.
After offering advice to a mother wanting to get her children to be more creative Kate spoke about the festival,
“I think it’s just a great way of getting families together getting them enthused about books and all talking about stories. Getting kids fired up about lots of different types of reading as well, lots of different genres, lots of different authors and the festival makes it easy to find all those authors and illustrators in one place.”

To find out more about exciting events such as this taking place all over Manchester; take a look at the festival programme guide so you don’t miss out!

– GS


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