Letting In The Stars of Children’s Poetry with Mandy Coe

Ahead of Let in the Stars: ‘Adopt a Poem’ at Urmston Bookshop next Saturday 4th July, poet Mandy Coe visited Wellfield Primary School and Tyntesfield Primary School. Mandy worked with the children from both schools and found some new stars of children’s poetry! Mandy said,

“Today, year 4 pupils at Tyntesfield school and the Wellfield Infant School and Nursery Book Club took part in Let in the Stars of Children’s Poetry. By adopting a favourite poem for a child and then sharing them, pupils reminded us that good poems have a life of their own, wriggling their way into our homes and hearts and taking up residence there. “This poem lives inside me” one pupil said, while others nodded in agreement.

“Poems had arrived via parents, were passed down via grandmothers and teachers. In Early Years, poems were selected from library books, films and the internet. In sharing the attraction of these favourites, the young readers spoke of wordplay, recognition of self, rebelliousness, mystery – and the sheer pleasure of a short text that speaks volumes. It was impressive. The range was wide – classic and contemporary – and the inspiration shared was enough to get these young writers creating their own wonderful poems, which can be seen at Urmston Bookshop on Saturday 4th July.
“Educationalists often speak of how best to take poetry into the classroom. Today shows us it’s probably already there.”
Children from local schools have been voting on their favourite poems, illustrating them and being inspired to write new ones. Drop into Urmston Bookshop between 10am – 4pm to view our Let in the Stars exhibition and to tell us what your favourite poem is. Poet Mandy Coe will be here from 11am – 12pm for a very special event to celebrate the new and adopted poetry.
Click here to visit the International Reading and Writing Relay to read the poems the children wrote together with Mandy Coe.

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