Tiny Tots and Toddler Time at Manchester Central Library

Today at Manchester Central Library, Manchester Children’s Book Festival set up camp with our fantastic storytelling tent in the children’s section to share songs, stories and laughs. The colourful tent was overflowing with excitement and attracted many parents and toddlers for this very special free event!

Led by a member of the Paula Carley, the special event saw families sing along to nursery rhymes including Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star performing the actions with their parents. Vibrant materials were used a props during storytelling as the toddlers played peek-a-boo and hide underneath a starry sheet. A very magical book, Muddlewitch Does Magick Tricks, was read with changing colour pages to reveal the witch’s spells that the toddlers help cast.
James aged 4 said, “The best bit was the songs and my balloon!”

There was also a colouring table set up for those who wanted to take a break from singing but everyone joined in with Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes which had even the littlest tots there giggling with joy. The reading of The Haunted House was very informative and showed the audience how to turn ghosts into curtains!

A father at the event commented, “I have enjoyed the event very much and so has my son.” Sadly it was all over too soon and the children were singing goodbye to each other having had a wonderful morning.

But don’t worry here’s so much more to see of this year’s festival! Including the launch of the Summer Reading Challenge at Manchester Central Library with Danny Baker Record Breaker author Steve Hartley and so much more!

– GS

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