Steve Hartley Launches the Record-Breaking Summer Reading Challenge!

Children’s Author Steve Hartley
Children’s author and record breaker (it’s true!), Steve Hartley, launched the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge this week with our festival friends, Manchester Central Library. The theme of this year’s challenge, sponsored by Manchester City Council and Archives Plus, is – aptly enough – ‘Record Breaking’.
Excited primary school children from across Manchester gathered at the library to hear Steve read from his Danny Baker Record Breaker series of books. The main character, Danny, is determined to break a world record and his attempts include trying to create the world’s biggest bogey, the world’s itchiest pants and even the world’s loudest armpit fart! Unfortunately, when Danny attempted to break the record for the world’s spottiest bottom, he discovered that the record had already been broken by a girl called Thelma who also wore the world’s biggest pants which Steve brought along to show us!
At the event, Steve also talked about some very silly records that have been broken in real life like when ten-year-old Joe Allison balanced sixteen spoons on his face, 2510 people dressed as smurfs at the same time and Jack Singer from America wore 215 pairs of underpants all at once! Steve also told the story of how he and five hundred other people once broke the record for the most people yo-yoing at the same time!
All of the children who came to the event were encouraged to enter the Summer Reading Challenge which involves borrowing six books from any library in Manchester over the summer holidays. Each child will get a booklet, bookmark and wristband to help them with the challenge and, once they have read all six books, will get their own special medal and certificate. Steve said,
Steve signs the children’s books
“The Summer Reading Challenge is great. It brings books to the forefront of the children’s minds especially in the summer holidays when they’ve got lots of other exciting things to do and they might forget to read. It’s also great to see children in the library.”
Steve also read from his new series, Oliver Fibbs, which is available now and ended the session with the Danny Baker record-breaking song.
There are lots more exciting events to come in the Manchester Children’s Book Festival including free poetry activities across Manchester this weekend. Read our full events programme here.
To join in with the record-breaking Summer Reading Challenge, visit any Manchester Library where you will also find lots of exciting free activities going on all summer.



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