Archives Plus Transport Us Back In Time At Manchester Central Library

Yesterday evening, visitors stepped back in time at the Archives Plus event held at Manchester Central Library as part of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival. The event continued the Festival’s time travel theme and showcased old books from various time periods – the oldest book was over 500 years old! There was even a map of Manchester from the 1600s on display, to show guests how the city has changed.
Visitors were free to browse Manchester Central Libraries’ archives. They date from the 1600s to the present day and include records on prisons and schools. Archives Plus even shows guests how to trace their family history.
Student Ambassadors, Rose Rostron and Abdul Basset, were on hand to share the history of the old texts and maps with visitors. Rose explained why the event was beneficial to her as a student. She said, “Working at Archives Plus is beneficial for me because I study history. I’m in my element working with old resources. I want to go into teaching, and one of the big things about that is that you have to be able to use resources and talk to people confidently. You have to get people engaged with the resources that are on offer.”
Abdul, an Information Communications student at MMU, said, “Archives Plus is useful for finding out about resources and gaining the skills to use them. For me, it’s useful because some businesses won’t use modern, updated technology – you have to teach yourself to use the old. This opportunity  has given me confidence to talk to new people.”
Claudia Conerney, Schools Liaison Co-ordinator at Manchester Metropolitan University, added, “This has been a fantastic opportunity for our students to work with Archives Plus and to further develop their skills so they can deliver to wider audiences – not just schools but to the general public. We are very grateful to Archives Plus for giving our students this opportunity by having Manchester Children’s Book Festival work with them.”
Members of the public enjoyed the resources on offer. A group of students from Italy visiting Manchester for the weekend commented, “It’s been great chatting to the Student Ambassadors and finding out more about Manchester!”
Don’t forget, the Children’s Poetry Weekend is coming up! Check out events programme so you don’t miss anything!
– RJ

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