MCBF 2015 Young Journalist Interviews Time Riders Author Alex Scarrow

Zainab Imran interviews Alex Scarrow


By Zainab Imran from Whalley Range High School

Describing Alex Scarrow in one word? Hmmm … how about… TOTALLY AWESOME?! (Ok, that’s two words, but still!)
On Thursday, Manchester Central Library was the place to be! Hilarious and super-witty author, Alex Scarrow, visited fans for book signing and treated them to a Time Riders reading, too!
We all sat for a half hour or so, and, if I was allowed, at the end I would have been on the floor rolling around and laughing like a crazy lunatic! He talked about how when he was younger, he pitched crazy ideas* to his games company as a computer games designer. Unfortunately, none of his ideas where good enough for them and so Alex gently let that job go. I say gently, but I’m pretty sure there was a hysterical argument between Alex and his high-fiving Californian boss, Dean.

Alex explained to us the whole idea of Time Riders, how they saw the smallest changes in a usual day, how they went back in time and just changed the slightest of things to make it right again.

An example would be like, if someone decided to advise Adolf Hitler to not invade Russia in 1941. That would mean the Nazi’s would have won, the Germans would have taken over the peace we have now and I would probably be rotting in a concentration camp! Wow … I am depressing.

But you can just see that even the smallest of changes can affect a lot of things afterwards, especially in time. Alex then read two chapters from his first book, and can I just say that those words were grip-ping!

After that, I got my school-library-borrowed Time Riders signed and talked to Alex as well. Check out the video below to see how it went:

I thanked Alex for the talk, got a quick selfie with him and was just about to leave when the amazing festival director, Kaye Tew gave me a great gift, which I am ever so grateful for. Kaye actually bought me a Time Riders book! I was so thankful for it and quickly got it signed by Alex again.
Kaye told me that she got me the book as a thank you gift for taking part as a Young Journalist. But, the truth is that I couldn’t do it without all the people who made it possible. They all know who they are, and whether they play a small or large part, they are all important because they got me to where I am today.
Whoa, that was more emotional than a fan girl over a new John Green novel. Still, I learnt today that doing even the smallest of things can make a big difference.
I don’t really know how to end today’s blog, but I can say for sure that I will miss the MCBF when it’s over. Today we were told a fantastic eye-popping adventure, so who knows if that’ll come in the future?
Ok, I’m going to stop being mushy now.
I’ll be at the Open Mic Poetry event at Manchester Central Library on Saturday 4th July from 10 – 2pm. I’m going to try my best to get a poetry slot, but if not then I’ll have to take it to rather extreme measures… *evil chuckle*
Hope to see you there!
(*I personally think that Alex’s idea of Monkey Wars for a video game would be awesome. His directors were just stupid).

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