Flicker and the Flying Books Comes To Manchester Library!

The Royal Exchange Cast
The Royal Exchange Theatre came to Manchester Central Library today for a very special performance of Flicker and the Flying Books. The play, enjoyed by lots of excited children and adults, was presented by the Royal Exchange Theatre Young Company and Elders’ Company.
In the play Benji, played by Young Company member, Jake Mainwaring, is bored. Bored! Bored! Bored! He wants to play ball but all of his friends are far too busy. Bob is busy baking biscuits and Bill is busy balancing on his bicycle! When someone suggests Benji reads a book, he is not interested. Books are boring, he thinks. However, when the magical and mischievous Flicker starts throwing books off the shelves things soon become interesting! Flicker introduces Benji to the wonderful world of books and Benji is soon absorbed by such delights as The Bumper Book Of Brilliant Facts. The Bumper Book tells him all about huge waterfalls around the world and also about dinosaurs who lived 65 million years ago!
After Benji discovers all the fantastic books on the long-neglected bookshelf, he then wants to show all his friends how much fun reading can be. That was when the theatre company invited the audience to join them on a magical journey of stories, re-enacting such tales as Cinderella, Rapunzel and the Wizard of Oz! All the children thoroughly enjoyed the show and especially seemed to like joining in with all the songs. After seeing how much fun Benji was having, all his friends decided that they were all going to be bookworms together!
Before the show, Andrew Barry, writer and director of Flicker and the Flying Books said, “Hopefully the show will be lots of fun for the children and everyone will leave the performance feeling energised. I also hope that the children will be inspired to become bookworms!”
I think he’s right!
To find out more about the Elders’ and Young Companies at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre see their website. You will also be able to find out lots more about Flicker and the Flying Books and lots more exciting projects the theatre is involved in.
To find out more about all the exciting events of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival, see our What’s On Guide or read our blog.

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