Travelling Through Time at Manchester Football Museum

Badge making at Manchester Football Museum
Visitors were invited to travel back in time to historical football matches today at the National Football Museum! In-keeping with the Festival’s time travel theme, guests were offered guided tours of the historic museum.
Jennifer, Groups and Learning Co-Ordinator at the museum, said,
“It’s a tour about the experience of being a football fan in the past. It’s an opportunity to learn about fans experiences and how they’ve changed. We look at football kits from now and from the past, and we also look at items fans used to collect. The tour experience uses all your senses, too. For example we include smells, costumes and we show some old match films from the 1900s. It’s great for children to be able to use their imagination to learn.”
Museum visitors were guided around displays including clothes from famous players and old trophies and medals, such as the oldest surviving FA cup medal! They were also shown the oldest football t-shirt and the very first women’s football sticker album.
Family Tours
The tour only covered a small section of the museum, so there was plenty more left to explore. After the tour, I spoke to Clive, who was visiting with his grandson Alfred, age 6. He said,
“The whole thing is excellent for children. They can understand the roots of football and how it’s changed over the years.”
A badge making session was also on offer upstairs alongside the original artwork from the Ladybird book The Story of Football, to celebrate the iconic publisher’s 100th anniversary! Children could create football themed badges, keyrings, and mirrors inspired by the classic book. David Mancell, who was helping out at the craft table, told me,
“I think the museum opens children’s minds and encourages different perspectives.”
David also talked to us about the benefits of reading. He said,
“Reading is the best way to learn. I was always read to us a kid and it gave me a good start in life.”
Remember, if you tweet us a photo of the badge you made at the museum, you could win a brand new copy of The Story of Football!

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