L.A. Weatherly Visits Whalley Range High School

By Belkise, Year 7, Whalley Range High School

Last Thursday, we walked to the hall with excitement building in our throats and our happiness growing larger and larger with every step.

As we got there and sat down, eyes were everywhere, waiting from the author. Silence. There was only one person on the stage: L.A. Weatherly was her name. I took a glance at the book covers and it was the same name! Students went wild as she introduced herself. She has written two new books, Broken Sky and Darkness Follows.

As she was talking about how she wrote the book, my interest in writing grew bigger and bigger every second of her speech. She read a paragraph of her books and my excitement grew even bigger too.

One paragraph from her book changed my world on how I saw writing. I have learnt so much in two hours, it’s like every word from her books started to fly around me and inspired me to write.

Thank you Lee!

This blog has been written by Belkise, Year 7, from Whalley Range High School. L.A. Weatherly visited Whalley Range High School with publicist Liz Scott to talk about her latest book Broken Sky and Darkness Follows. Books were provided by Urmston Bookshop. The Manchester Children’s Book Festival work with a number of authors and publishers to bring authors into schools. If you are interested in hosting an author event in your school please contact mcbf@mmu.ac.uk

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