Guest Blog: Blazing a Trail at Manchester Central Library

I don’t often get to be a bona fide trail blazer, but the lovely of organisers of the Manchester Children’s Book Festival have allowed me to be just that. On Saturday 19th March they let me loose in Manchester Central Library for an afternoon of story, poetry, fun and song!

Cd6l7h4WIAE2PafThere was a Belle Vue Circus theme to the day so I donned my best top hat and ‘tale’ coat before we ‘Squashed and Squeezed’ into the story tent. Soon I was filling it with a real motley crew! We followed ‘Ten Little Pirates’ to sea and sailed through a tale of misadventure with ‘Rotten Robin and the Crooked Cutlass’ followed by a hearty rendition of ‘Hooks, Parrots, Pegs and Legs!’

‘Rotten Robin and the Crooked Cutlass’ is my exclusive story for Children’s Hospice, Derian House’s, Dreams Campaign. A download a version, narrated by the multi-talented Ted Robbins, will soon be available to help the charity raise much needed funds. And while you are waiting for that you can always learn how to join in with ‘Hooks, Parrots, Pegs and Legs’ here:

As well as sailing with pirates we flew kites, looked into a magic bucket and managed to train a very naughty puppy called Rascal! When the children weren’t joining in with the stories they were taking part in crafts, games and interactive poetry all linked to the Belle Vue theme.

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival is committed to celebrating and sharing the best that children’s story and poetry can offer right here in our region, not just on our doorsteps, but often over the threshold too, in our schools and public spaces.

This trail-blazing event was one of many planned in the upcoming months all leading to the festival itself in June. There will be a whole range of events going on, including the brilliant family fun day (see you there) many of which are FREE! So keep a close eye on the MCBF events programme to see who or what is landing on your doorstep.


Do you love reading? Do you have a passion for writing? Would you like to see your work published on the official Manchester Children’s Book Festival blog? If you can’t make it to Manchester for our MCBF events, don’t worry – you can write book reviews of your favourite children’s books or even send us an opinion piece (for example, what do you think about libraries, or your favourite authors?). Send your blog to The best pieces will be published on the MCBF blog throughout the year.

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