Guest Blog: The Wave That Didn’t Break

By Léonie Kirton

I am a first time author and the inspiration for my book The Wave That Didn’t Break was provided during walks with my dogs on the coastal path which runs alongside an old wartime aerodrome overlooking the sea.  My present dog Bosun is named after the story dog that was modelled on my old dog Monty.

The Wave.jpg

I sent off a manuscript to a publisher (A H Stockwell) last year and was amazed and delighted when they wrote saying they were willing to publish my story which is set in the North Cornish surfing town of Perranporth, called Porthquay in the book. It is an adventure story involving 2 brothers who go out one evening to watch badgers and instead see a sinister fisherman furtively making his way towards a disused aerodrome. The boys follow him and observe a mysterious assignation with another man and the pilot of a plane that silently wings its way down with secretive packages on board. Further investigation of the aerodrome in the daylight with another friend and their loyal dog reveals an old wartime diary written by a WAAF and hidden in an air-raid shelter, this contains exciting information about the Spitfires and their pilots who flew from there in the Second World War. In between surfing, when one of them catches the wave of a lifetime, and fishing for mackerel when they view a huge basking shark alongside their Swellboards they become embroiled with the mystery of the smugglers. An epilogue reveals to the reader that unbeknownst to the boys an old lady is watching them surf and she is the WAAF who has written the diary and has returned to England from New Zealand for a final visit.

The Wave That Didn’t Break is available on Amazon and also through bookshops.

I spent my young life in Surrey where my passion was for riding, and as I was always a keen reader I thought then I would write books about horses.  After years of working as a secretary and riding and competing in my spare time, it wasn’t until I moved to Cornwall and had a family that I gradually decided to write a children’s adventure story.  The ideas came to me during walks overlooking the sea, and observing my own children as they grew up and the experiences they enjoyed living by the sea.  Since before I can remember dogs have been a part of my life, so it was natural that my own dogs should be included in the story.


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