Guest Blog: A Change in Direction

By Jo Welch

I’m Jo Welch from Stockport and like you, probably, I have always been a book-lover. My dream was to be a writer but at school I was guided down “sensible” routes. I got a Chemistry degree, which secured me my first job as a Fungicides Product Manager, which gave me the idea for a book, when years later, my younger child started school and I had some time to myself. And realised that: The worst thing I could have lost was my parents and home.

url.jpgThe first job I had could have gone very differently. The puzzles and science I love could make the book more fun, and complicated, and exciting. And so The Einstein Code was born. And was submitted by my writing group, Commonword, to the Manchester Children’s Literary festival. And shortlisted as one of the best debut books in 2010! It got me an agent too, so was seen by the major publishers, who reviewed it positively – but offered no contract.

By then I’d written the sequel, The Darwin Code, but that was useless. (And had the glimmer of an idea for a third book in the trilogy). But nothing worthwhile comes without trying VERY hard indeed.

So I did. I attended a creative writing workshop, worked on other books – and then cared full-time for my then very sick Mum. But now Mum’s comfortable in full-time care, giving me time for a final rewrite (with a major plot change). I wrote, polished and submitted The Einstein Code and got 3 offers in one amazing week.

And it has now been published!

The Einstein Code is out now in Waterstones, Foyle’s and Blackwell’s and also available on Amazon.


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