TRAILBLAZER! Manchester Family Fun at Central Library

By Sara-Filipa Da Silva 

On a normal rainy Manchester Saturday an indoor family-friendly activity is the best way to ignore the weather and make special memories!

trailblazer-saturday-spectacular-saturday_27153673171_oWith this in mind, it’s no wonder that so many families attended the Manchester Children’s Book Festival TRAILBLAZER! Saturday Spectacular at Central Library, where the Manchester Family Arts Network teamed up in a truly spectacular day of entertainment in the purest form.

Entering the hall was an amazing sight as families of all ages interacted with each other, filling the air with laughter. Choosing an activity wasn’t easy, with opportunities in every corner to explore and create. Arts and crafts, film, fashion, animation and storytelling from The Whitworth, People’s History Museum, Z-Arts, Manchester Art Gallery, HOMEmcr, the Manchester Museum, Manchester International Festival and Into Film entertained the crowds.

Parents were impressed with the range of activities on offer, commenting, “It’s been a great day. It’s fantastic that they have encouraged the children to be so creative.”

trailblazer-saturday-spectacular-saturday_27188094376_oThe Manchester Museum encouraged the children to create ‘Marvellous Moths’ into hats. Beautiful pieces of coloured card created the base and children decorated their designs as they wished. There was also a selection of objects from the museum itself on display.

With the rise in technology over the last few years, it’s no wonder that activities such as a green screen and animation software were incorporated into the event. Children’s faces glowed with wonder as their actions were recorded and placed into a scene. The team from HOMEmcr were on hand, inviting families to act our scenes from their favourite books in front of the lens.

trailblazer-saturday-spectacular-saturday_27222123955_oAnother popular activity at the event was a special MCBF story time session with Dom Conlon. Dom’s animated voice and enthusiasm had the children hooked from start to finish. He introduced puppets from his own story I am a Giant, which the children thoroughly enjoyed as they joined in shouting, “I’m a giant!”

Lisa Bach, one of the MCBF event organisers, said, “The day has been a great success. Story time has been very popular and children love stories and Dom!”

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival continues over the next few weeks with a packed programme of events. There’s something for the whole family! Check out the Festival brochure here.


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