TRAILBLAZER! Tent on Tour: The Eureka Festival at Stanley Grove

By Joanna Shaw

On the 4th June, Stanley Grove Primary School hosted the Eureka! Festival and parade to celebrate the build up to the Manchester Day parade taking place on June 19th.

27057263584_f6aba88194_oThe event began with the school children parading through the streets of Longsight dressed as animals and Egyptians to coincide with the Manchester Museum exhibits. They had worked hard on creating creatures for the children to show off to the onlookers, including a crab, a snake and even a T Rex!

The events were themed on ‘Eureka!’ moments, with the children celebrating ground-breaking discoveries throughout the history of science.

Award-winning children’s author Shoo Rayner, author of Archimedes: The Man who Invented the Death Ray, described his greatest Eureka moment he had was a revelation with an editor. Shoo explained, “When I first wrote my book The Ginger Ninja, my editor told me it wasn’t right. She said go and re-write it, so I did and I realised she was right and she had brought out exactly what I wanted to say. Editors are there to help you and champion your story from the readers point of view.”

27390822140_ee7456a4c1_oAfter the parade the children were presented with a wide range of activities, from crafts, nature walks, science experiments, face painting, book buying, and even roasting marshmallows!

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival team were there to join in the fun with the MCBF Tent on Tour. The tent was packed with children eager to create their own Rastamouse medallions, and to have a story read to them in the storytelling tent.

Charlie, aged 6, said that his favourite activity  of the day was buying new books and doing the ‘Lucky Dig’ in the sandpit.

Kaye Tew, Director of Education and Partnerships with Manchester Children’s Book Festival, said that these events were crucial for a child’s development and reading skills:

27568740112_93b9812e78_o“It’s incredibly important. When children are reading books they’re creating pictures in their heads and those pictures can be whatever they want them to be. It’s very important that children’s imaginations are given as much free rein as possible, and that’s what books give them.”

As the event came to a close, Shoo Rayner read from his new book to an excited crowd.

Over 1000 people attended the event during the day. Jane Coogan, the events organiser, was pleased with how the day turned out: “I’m really delighted that so many people turned up, even when it was at the end of half term. All of the activities for the children complimented each other well and it was a brilliant family day out!”

Missed this event? Why not come along to the Manchester Day parade Sunday 19th June. Visit the Manchester Children’s Book Festival website to check out the full MCBF 2016 programme.


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