Michael De Souza Brings Rastamouse to the Family Fun Day

1 Michael

By Sara Da Silva

Special guests Michael De Souza brought his TV and book creation Rastamouse to the Manchester Children’s Book Festival Family Fun Day this Saturday.

The main hall filled quickly with young children and their families excited to meet Rastamouse for a storytelling session.

Michael De Souza with Lucy, Rhys and Mark Fortman

Michael De Souza took the stage to a huge round of applause, bringing with him an infectious enthusiasm that gripped the audience from start to finish.

With huge smiles on their faces, and much excitement in the air, it was hard for the children (and some parents) to stay in their seats!

To help bring his story to life, Michael picked members of the audience to play the main characters and families recited some of his poetry, which included Caribbean dialect.

First to recite was Mark Fortman visiting the Festival with his baby. Mark was picked by Rastamouse himself and said, “This is the best day of my life!”

As Michael read from his book Da Bag-a Bling, he was joined by actors and some audience members of the audience who were invited to play roles of the Easy Crew members! Rhys and Lucy, children attending with their families, did a fantastic job playing Bagga T and Wensley Dale.

Michael and Rastamouse made this Family Fun Day event great fun for everyone. Asked how he thought the show had gone, Micheal said, “It was Boom-Boom-Boombastic, very fantastic!”

Finally, Michael met with families and signed copies of his book. Joe, aged 4 said, “Today’s been really good. I love Rastamouse so much!”

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival runs from 24th June – 3rd July. Download the 2016 brochure for information on upcoming events.


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