MCBF 2016 Takes Pugs of the Frozen North to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital


The Manchester Children’s Book Festival (MCBF) together with its charity partner, Readathon brought this year’s festival to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

DSC_0614Children at the hospital were visited by best-selling authors Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre who propelled them into the world of Pugs of the Frozen North. Philip and Sarah taught the children to draw their own pugs, sang songs and played games.

The event also gave the Festival an opportunity to spread the word of Readathon, a charity that brings the positive power of reading and storytelling to seriously ill children in hospitals.

Readathon supplies free, brand new books into hospitals and, working through the hospital school at Manchester, funds regular visits by professional storytellers.

DSC_0588MCBF chose Readathon as its Festival charity partner, which runs from 24th June to 3th July, features events all over the city and brings many  of the world’s best children’s writers to Manchester. The annual festival is raising money for Readathon to support its Manchester bookcase and storyteller.

Festival Director Kaye Tew said, “Readathon gets books to children in hospital at a time when the power of a good book to entertain, inspire or distract is so important. It’s a simple, but clever idea and one we’re delighted to support.”

DSC_0733Kaye added, “Philip and Sarah spent about two hours on the wards visiting the children who were too poorly to come down into the atrium. They were shown the artwork and stories children had produced working on activities related to Pugs of the Frozen North. Sarah and Philip then got to spend time with children and really brightened their day.

Martin Gaved, Deputy Head of Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital said, “I know the glitz and glamour of the big events are exciting and it’s been wonderful today to have Sarah and Philip here, but the real difference is the time we get to spend in the run up to the authors visiting with the Festival.

DSC_0627“This time is really special as we spend time on the working on activities related to the books so when the authors arrive it really means something to the children here.”

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival runs from 24th June – 3rd July. Download the 2016 brochure for information on upcoming events.


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