Magic returns to Manchester with Harry Potter Celebration at Central Library

This weekend the Manchester Central Library celebrated all things Harry Potter as part of Harry Potter Book Day celebrations.

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival team were there to bring some extra magic to the festivities with the family-friendly activities throughout the day.

The events took place all over the Central Library’s vast rooms and corridors. Everything from face painting, potion mixing, spell book sessions, and even a meet and greet with Harry Potter himself were available to fans. One of the most popular activities was the sorting hat, where children and adults alike could finally discover which house they really belonged in.

img_0574Professor Trelawney was especially excited to be there: “Events like this are paramount, and I like how we can open our world up to the muggles so that they can have a little magic in their lives.”

Harry Potter was delighted with the atmosphere of the beautiful Wolfson reading room: “These events encourage children into libraries. The muggles tend to use the internet now, but they don’t get the feeling of an ancient building, filled with thousands of books, and the pleasure of picking one out to read. Hermione would definitely love it in here!”

IMG_0571.JPGAs the many potion mixing and crafting sessions took place, the Manchester Children’s Book Festival team presented a Potter themed quiz, hosted by none other than the great Albus Dumbledore. He was pleased to see such a good turn out at the library, “The children who have watched the documentaries and read the memoirs love it, and we’ve had an enormous amount of good responses. Even the adults enjoy meeting me, I was presenting an award the other night and the audience applauded me.”
IMG_0602.JPGDownstairs on the craft tables, the children were encouraged to create their own quills and parchment, Hedwig masks and broomsticks. We spoke to some of the attendees including the Hardacker family, who praised the event as great success. Parents Katherine and Steve said that they had read the books before they had children, “It’s brought the family together, we all share a common interest and we like to instil a love of books within the kids. We watch the films and read the books together. It’s good that these events encourage a love of libraries, as everything seems to be internet based now.” The daughters, Emily, 8 and Jenny, 6, said that their favourite book was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and that their favourite characters were Hermione and Dobby. They both liked making their wands and being sorted into their houses.

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival have plenty more dates up their sleeve throughout the year. Make sure the Free Family Fun Day  June 24 is in your diary! You can check out our full Festival programme here and also follow @MCBFestival on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #MCBF2017 to keep up-to-date with all our events and news.

You can view more images from Saturday’s Harry Potter Celebration below and a full gallery on our Flickr gallery as well as pictures from tons of other Manchester Children’s Book Festival events.


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