Students Pick Their Favourite Books to Celebrate World Book Day

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of World Book Day, we asked Manchester Metropolitan University students about their favourite children’s books that have gone on to influence them through the rest of their lives.

Rosie Conway (BA Psychology) – Harry Potter
“It made me feel like I was lost in a magical world on an adventure with the characters. That and Draco is fly.”

Tiffany Bowman (MMU Intern) – Alice in Wonderland
“It’s a fun, wacky tale about growing up and how adults are weird.”


Charlotte Hawksworth (History) – A Series of Unfortunate Events
“Its style of writing is different to most kids books as he writes so negative but the kids always win. Its a good book to read at all ages and I can continue to read it now. The whole book is about the empowerment of children as the kids overcome everything by using their brains. Overall it’s just a really good series of books.”

Mahdi Azmi (BA Accounting and Finance)  – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
“It’s a story about a poor boy who goes on a once in a lifetime rollercoaster ride and achieves his dreams on every level possible.”

Pragya Singh (Multimedia Journalism) – Malory Tower Series
“They taught me so much about adjusting in a new environment, standing up for one’s self and all the qualities one needs to survive in the outside world. It did it by giving me a picture of a beautiful boarding school in the hills.”

Sara Haywood (English and Creative Writing) – Stargirl
“I chose Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli as it focuses on finding your individuality when everyone is against you, staying true to yourself and showing kindness in the face of adversity.”


Amber Hall (BA Biology) – The Artemis Fowl Series
“Mix high fantasy and sci-fi elements with a young Tony Stark-esque boy genius and a badass butler and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.”

Rob Booth (Mechanical Engineering) – His Dark Materials Series
“The His Dark Materials Series (Northern Lights, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass) by Philip Pullman was a series I enjoyed a ton. Idk Ive always been into fantasy. Its that or a series called the chronicles of ancient darkness which is basically entry level fantasy until it gets to like book 4 and it starts to get dark. I think its book 6 that details a murder pretty gruesomely and then it kinda went from entry level fantasy totally suitable for kids to oh wow this escalated quickly. Actually kinda wanna read those again…”

Joanna Shaw (MA Multimedia Journalism) – A Series of Unfortunate Events
“A Series of Unfortunate events is so strangely written and it doesn’t talk down to its audience.”

The Manchester Children’s Book Festival have plenty more dates up their sleeve throughout the year. Make sure the FREE Family Fun Day taking place on June 24 is in your diary!

You can check out our full Festival programme here and also follow @MCBFestival on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #MCBF2017 to keep up-to-date with all our events and news.


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